Are you Shackled by Dropbox/OneDrive?...

Why are you paying that outrageous amount for Dropbox when you have lots of extra hard drive space and could be getting it #FREE?  Do you know how many services you could be self-hosting yourself with one service of your own instead of paying someone else to?

Happy National Procrastination Week &...

How do you overcome being a procrastinator?

I SURVIVED! – #TVFree28Challeng...

Yep! That’s right. I survived 28 days without any TV or movies during the #TVFree28Challenge. Top Accomplishments During #TVFree28Challenge Of my four initial ideas (here) of how I could utilize my #TVFree time during the past month I spent at least some amount of time on these tasks.  Here are the huge accomplishments from February that […]

How to replace Windows XP for #FREE w...

So you have an old computer that had XP on it and now support has ended for Windows XP, but you cannot afford an upgrade.  Now you feel unsafe and you are not sure what to do.  Take a look here at my favorite 5 free alternatives to Windows XP.

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