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Love for some websites to get some great frugal advice from, well I have found a ton and follow quite a few.  Here are a few:


 Frugal Mom Websites

Faith Based Sites

And More

International Frugal Sites

Awesome Review Sites

  • TheMarthaReview – Here is a site I just found, but from the first couple pages I am already psyched to read more of her reviews.  Don’t forget to check to see if she has any contests going like on her Blog about a book called Bear Hug this could make for an awesome read for your child.
  • – This used to be until Amazon changed their policies, but so far they have some really awesome discounts on products still.


If you aren’t listed yet, let me know, my goal is to provide as many sites to everyone as possible to minimize everyone’s time needed for research.


  1. Thanks for sharing Canadian Budget Binder with your readers!

    • frugaldod frugaldod
      August 30, 2015    

      No problem, I love following your writing, you have a lot of good resources that I use regularly!

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I am the proud father of a beautiful daughter and am over ambitious in every aspect of my life, but finances and frugality has to be one thing that I have continued to research to death and continued to create printable forms for. Here I just wanted to share my experiences in frugality and sometimes lack of frugality.

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