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10 Methods to Prevent Pests from gett...

10 Methods to Prevent Pests from getting in YOUR Garden

You just finished planting your seeds yesterday and already the squirrels have given themselves a banquet and anything left to sprout are nibbled down to the roots by the rabbits.  How can you keep the costs low, the deterrent natural and still manage to effectively get rid of the pests. Well I have scoured resources to find […]

Very Fine Vine Vegetables (Part 2)

Very Fine Vine Vegetables (Part 2)

Whew!! I cannot believe that you came back for more!  There is way to much information to take in about gardening and I thought that maybe your brain was on overload like mine always is. So you made it to the second section of Very Fine Vine Vegetables with only a little more to hear […]

Very Fine Vine Vegetables (Part 1 of ...

Very Fine Vine Vegetables (Part 1 of 2)

Dig a trench and sow a seed, year by year we learn what we need. Vine plants only come up one year at a time, but the harvest may be plenty of popular produce. The pods produced on many of vine plants produce plenty of product for years to come.

Perfect Perennial Picking

Perfect Perennial Picking

              Harvesting your Perennials  Till and toil; water and weed, every day time taken tending to tiny plants. As the days turn to weeks you suddenly see your perennials are once again thriving and arriving edible to eat. Looking closely at each of my top favorite 4 perennial plants let […]

Meet Frugal Dad of Daughters



I am the proud father of a beautiful daughter and am over ambitious in every aspect of my life, but finances and frugality has to be one thing that I have continued to research to death and continued to create printable forms for. Here I just wanted to share my experiences in frugality and sometimes lack of frugality.

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