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Is AAA the right Auto Club for ME?

Is AAA the right Auto Club for ME?

Have you ever locked yourself out, paid for a tow, had to pay for a rental because your car died on vacation, been charged to have you car jumped?

5 Must DIY Auto Maintenance to Save $...

5 Must DIY Auto Maintenance to Save $$

Almost everyone is driving a car these days, but how do you keep up with the essential maintenance without breaking the bank.  Here are the top 5 Must Do Maintenance that most of the time you can complete yourself.

Meet Frugal Dad of Daughters



I am the proud father of a beautiful daughter and am over ambitious in every aspect of my life, but finances and frugality has to be one thing that I have continued to research to death and continued to create printable forms for. Here I just wanted to share my experiences in frugality and sometimes lack of frugality.

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