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Why you should be using

Would you like just one simple way to install all of the basic software that you might use when you set up a Windows computer? Ninite is the top site to use for the best software picks that you need all in one convenient place to install them at.

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How to get Vegetable Seeds for Free

Not sure if you have money for seeds this year?

Do you have any seeds left from last year?

Every year I end up with leftovers from the previous year, but what about the seeds that I couldn’t get a steep discount or ran out of? Check below the many ways I have found to save money on getting my seeds for FREE.

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Top 5 Ways I Engage my Kids for Free

When you are strapped for cash and just trying to figure out the daily bills it can get really stressful and frustrating trying to figure out any additional ways to engage with your children without breaking the bank.

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Free Authors Online Tools

Are you a writer or author?
Whether you write professionally or just for fun you don’t need expensive software to maximize your ability to write your novel or blog.  There are countless free options out there that are just waiting for your use.

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