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Taking the Turmoil out of Taxes

It’s that time of year again.  The dreaded time where we must bring out our calculators and hold our collective breaths to see what we owe or if they owe us. Many people even financial gurus would probably scorn that I receive a nice refund every year, but for me this is my way of […]

3 Things you may NOT be thinking abou...

3 Things you may NOT be thinking about this Tax Season

        January 1 rolls around and many of us are already dreading that day that we have we can FINALLY file our taxes for the year.  There are few things that are as certain as taxes, but with the tax season coming to a close on the 18th there are three things […]

Meet Frugal Dad of Daughters



I am the proud father of a beautiful daughter and am over ambitious in every aspect of my life, but finances and frugality has to be one thing that I have continued to research to death and continued to create printable forms for. Here I just wanted to share my experiences in frugality and sometimes lack of frugality.

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