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I am a simple father of one beautiful little 3 year old  and an adorable 6 month old, husband to a beautiful loving wife for the last past nearly 8 magnificent years, and an Iraqi war veteran.  With our lives driven by money I have a passion for frugality and finances and I want to help you find ways to make $1 last as long as $10.

As we are surrounded by the corruption of money I desires to help de-stress the frustrations that coincide with our day to day usage of money and finances. Sharing tips to save you time, money, and grey hair (hopefully).

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I keep quite a busy father that is currently attending to family, work, & school.  My writing has been published with The Dollar Stretcher and I have completed an Associate of the Arts and now currently continuing to pursue a degree in Network & Security and an IT Support AAS as well with recently completing an IT Help Desk certificate.

My goal is to complete a simple Kitchen e-book “Kwik Kitchen Katchup” (for busy parents), a book called Retrain Your Money Mind, and a couple programs that I have been tinkering with for a little while now that you can check out HERE.

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Don’t miss out on my wife’s Author page Author Emily Beth Shore where she just release and ebook “Ruby in the Rough”





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