FREE Friendly April Fools Tech Pranks

Would you like to prank someone at work? Remember a prank is only funny if everyone enjoys it, so don’t pull a prank if it is mean or going to humiliate someone.  Everyone involved should enjoy it.

#MotivationalMonday – March 27t...

How to get Document Shredding for Fre...

Paperless has yet to become paperless.  Until we become paperless how do you get rid of all of your sensitive documents?

Did you win the Freebie Friday Giveaw...

I wish I could give everyone that participated a gift card, but I am extremely grateful to all 350 participants.  Thank you so much for everyone that participated. I am sure that everyone is antsy waiting to find out if they won.

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I am the proud father of 2 beautiful daughters and I am over ambitious in every aspect of my life, but finances and frugality has to be one thing that I have continued to research and I want to help you prevent debt when possible. With any luck some of my experience and my ideas may help you not add to your debt when it's not needed.

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